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Whitetail Deer Hunting
October 10, 2016
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Types of Deer Urine for Deer Hunting l Explained for the Hunter
December 28, 2016

Deer Lures, Doe Urine, Buck Urine & Deer Scent Dispensers

Do you use deer scents and deer scent dispensers when hunting whitetail? It is rare to find deer hunters who are not carrying some type of doe urine or buck urine in their deer scent dispenser to aid in their hunt. Hunters are always looking for a better way to arrive at a success. With success come preparation and deer hunters are always prepared for the outdoors. Hunting Scents could be broken down into two basic classifications, lures and cover scents. Cover scents and lures are dependable because of the ability to bring deer into shooting range. Lures or Deer Lyres can be utilized to imitate the natural deer urine or to that of a doe in heat. Both can help benefit your hunt tremendously. Scents can improve your hunt in more ways than one when used correctly.

Deer Scent Dispensers 

To make the most out of deer lures, you need to use a dependable deer scent dispenser. There are lots of deer scents dispensers available out there, but if you want the best one choose Heated Hunts. Heated Hunts makes a revolutionary scent dispenser that leaves the competition in the dust. Heated Hunts is perfect because it has a premium selection of natural deer lures and synthetic deer lures too. The Heated Hunts Deer Scent Dispenser and their deer urine is the perfect Big Buck Down kit that every hunter needs because of the amount of product you get. A lot of scent dealers simply want to push volume but do not take the time to create a product to separate them from their competition. For the top scents and scent dispenser visit Heated Hunts today because why go into the woods cold?


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