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Wicks & Clips | Rechargeable Heated Dispenser


Hot Wicks, the Heated Scent Dispenser, comes with 2 wicks installed. The hunter should change wicks throughout the season to minimize bacteria growth when using natural scents. The hunter can change the wicks less if using synthetic scents. The best approach is for the hunter use their best judgement to change the wicks, if they feel there is a reason too.

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The Heated Hunts Heated Hunting Rechargeable Scents Dispensers are built to last and comes with two wicks installed.  You can simply wash the wicks with water after each use to keep them clean during the season. If you are changing from doe in estrus to bear scent or sweet corn scent; you can swap the wicks out.

Extra Wicks for the Rechargeable Heated Scent Dispenser:

  • 10 replacement felt pads
  • Retainer Clips
  • A plastic bag to keep the components organized

A lot of hunters like to change their wicks after early season when switching to rut scents. Some hunters wash their wicks after each session which is good too. Heated Hunts recommends using a scent free clothing wash. The idea is not to leave a bleach smell on the wicks for the next use. Simply keep the Heated Hunting Scents Dispensers clean and the wicks too. The user should empty the scent out after each use and simply rinse the inside container out. The user should leave the wick assembly exposed so it can dry.

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Warranty Policy

In conclusion all Products made by Heated Hunts has a 60 day warranty against manufacture’s defects from the date of purchase. This only applies to purchases from Heated Hunts or an Authorized Dealer. Further, this warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship. While the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, excessive abuse or misuse. You must keep your sales receipt as your proof of purchase. While the warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser. The warranty is void if your product was purchased from an unauthorized dealer. An unauthorized dealer could include but not limited to Craig’s List, Flea Market and Etc.

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