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Buck Urine & Tarsal Gland Lures are the most misunderstood Deer Lure in the whole hunting industry.  Heated Hunts Brute Buck Synthetic can be used during the Pre-Rut and Rut as an attractant.  This synthetic dominant buck lure should not be used if you are hunting immature bucks as this lure is typically used to bring in the big boys and often send the little guys running away with their tail between their legs. *No Unnecessary or Cutting Agent Additives**


Brute Buck Synthetic is a Synthetic Buck Urine Blend that is so close to Heated Hunt’s Natural Brute Buck Urine Blend the hunter nor can the buck tell the difference. Heated Hunt’s Brute Buck Synthetic is a Master Crafted Synthetic Buck Urine Blend that mimics Tarsal Gland with other Proprietary Additives. Brute Buck Synthetic is the synthetic version of Heated Hunt’s Natural Brute Buck. Note this scent does not contain any traces from a deer but was synthetically engineered.

Brute Buck Synthetic Urine | Synthetic Buck Urine:

  • Premium 2 fluid once of Synthetic Buck Urine with Synthetic Tarsal Gland Secretions and Proprietary Additives
  • Premium Tinted Green Glass Bottle
  • Large Fine Mist Sprayer
  • A Great Synthetic Scent for Mock Scrapes
  • Brute Buck Synthetic contains no components from a deer
  • No Unnecessary or Cutting Agent Additives
  • Heated Hunts

Hunting Application:

The hunter can simply fill 1 fluid ounce Synthetic Dominant Buck Scent into their Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser.  The hunter can spray the Brute Buck Synthetic, a synthetic buck scent, downwind behind them while walking towards their stand, pay attention to the wind.  Do not spray Brute Buck Synthetic Urine on your gear, yourself or within 15 yards of your stand.  Brute Buck Synthetic Urine is a great buck scent that pairs with grunting and rattling; also mock scrapes too. Note Rattling works best in a higher buck to doe ratio hunting areas.  Mock scrapes are easy to make and for the newbies; simply keep moving your mock scrape until you are getting consistent visitors and interactions.

Simply put Brute Buck Synthetic cannot be beat during the heat of the rut.  Using a Heated Dominant Buck Synthetic Scent in the Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser is nearly impossible for any buck to pass up.  If you want to increase your odds while deer hunting; Heated Hunts has the answers. #BuckDown




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