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Extra Wicks for the Drag Rag | Scent Drag


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Extra Wicks for the Drag Rag | Scent Drag

Extra Wicks for the Drag Rag or Scent Drag are used as replacement wicks  when the hunter would like to change scents or if the prior used wick requires replacement.  The Drag Rag or Scent Drag is a hunter’s tool that is used to place scent on the ground and as the hunter walks to their final hunting location the scent trail guides the game animal to the hunter. Regardless of wind direction a game animal crossing the path of the placed scent may follow the scent towards the hunter’s final location. The Heated Hunts Drag Rag is American Made and pairs perfectly with the Heated Scent Dispenser.

Extra Wicks Drag Rag | American Made Scent Drag:

  • 4 Premium Extra Absorbent Heated Hunts Deer Wicks for the Drag Rag system
  • Use Deer, Bear or General Heated Hunts Scents or Attractants; requires the Drag Rag system which is sold separately
  • Use during Early Season, Pre-Rut, Rut or Late Season; requires the Drag Rag system which is sold separately
  • Proudly Made in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Hunting Application:

The Extra Wicks for the Drag Rag or Scent Drag are great tools to use in windy days and as a method to attract game animals. Additionally scent drags work great for game animals which may not be down wind to come in contact with the Heated Scent Dispenser. Any Heated Hunts scents or attractants can be used with this top choice tool for experienced hunters. Once the hunter is within a few hundred yards or less from their final hunting location; the hunter can stick a wick antler into the Heated Hunts scent bottle so the scent is absorbed by the two wicks.

Two wicks will ensure the scent is properly being placed as a trail for deer, bear or other game animals to follow. Once the wicks are saturated with scent the hunter should place the wicks on the ground already attached to one carabiner then attached the other carabiner to the hunter’s belt loop or around their ankle so it can be dragged along the ground to the final hunting location. Once the hunter arrives at the final hunting location the hunter can hang the two wicks next to their Heated Scent dispenser or stow the wicks for a later use.

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