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Do you want to stand out and be Field Staff or Pro Staff for the game changer in the hunting industry?

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If you are average, only hunt a few days a year or question if you are a serious hunter you need not to apply.

Let’s be clear, Heated Hunts only wants the best because we are striving to be the best and deliver premium products that won’t empty your wallet.

The amount of Pro & Field Staff positions are limited and awarded exclusively to the individuals based on hunting experience, character, drive and commitment. There are minimum criteria to remain on pro / field staff and Heated Hunts will work with you throughout the process.

Pro / Field Staff positions are awarded on a 12 months basis and will be reviewed to determine future eligibility.

How it Works:

Receive discounts, free swag and even free products as the relationship matures

  • Proudly repost Heated Hunts material
  • Honorable create posts or videos yourself using Heated Hunts products
  • Heated Hunts will grow your social media platform and yours will grow Heated Hunts
  • Required to share all Contest posts
  • Minimum 4 posts or reposts a month
  • Trail Camera Picture
  • Hunting Footage
  • Team Pictures
  • Demonstration Footage
  • Minimum 12 pictures a year which can be used in Social Media
  • Team up your local dealer(s) with Heated Hunts