1What is Heated Hunts Electronic Scent Dispenser / Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser?
The Electronic Scent Dispenser / Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser solves common hunting problems in a simple, yet efficient way.  The Electronic Scent Dispenser heats hunting lures to 105F which is the same temperature of a big game animal. Any hotter is a waste and any colder you missed your mark. By heating the sent to 105F the scent will go at least twice as far, stop it from freezing and trigger more reactions from game animals because its the same temperature of a live animal.  No goofy chemicals, candles or hand warmers attempting to heat an ounce of scent. The Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser puts the wicks into the wind and heats them up! The user pours scent into the container or directly on the wicks. It can be hung from a tree or placed on the ground. Simply push the LED switch on or off when ready. The LED will stay on as long as the batteries are operating in the proper energy range. The wicks easily store into the heated dispenser and you can do it without getting your hands dirty. Do not store scents inside the scent container over a long period of time and when storing the unit make sure its dry and clean.
2How do I know my Heated Hunts heated scent dispenser is working?
The Electronic Scent Dispenser LED inside of the weather resistance switch indicates if the heater is on or off. If you have fresh batteries and it does not light up; check the snap connection in the battery compartment.  Also the heater targets 105F which is only 7F hotter than a human; depending on your sense of touch you may or maybe not be able to feel the heat.
3How do I know when the batteries need to be replaced in the Heated Hunts Electronic Scent Dispenser?
The LED light will simply not illuminate if the batteries do not have enough energy to power to head the Heated Scent Dispenser up to 105F. Note after 14 hours of use the LED may shut off indicating the batteries do not have enough energy but the heater will produce for another two hours but it is only around 50F.
4How long does it take to heat up Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser? When do I turn it on?
The heater takes approximately 15 minutes to achieve maximum temperature. You can turn it on back at camp, when you are almost at your stand or just as you are hanging it on a branch.
5What kind of batteries offers the best performance?
Testing has shown that premium alkaline batteries performed the best. Premium alkaline batteries are available at your local hardware or grocery store. A lot of hunters purchased rechargeable AA batteries so they always have the most power in their batteries.
6How long will Heated Hunts Electronic Scent Dispenser last on a set of batteries?
The Heated Scent Dispenser will last over 14 hours with premium alkaline batteries.
7What attractants can be used with Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser?
Any natural or artificial scent that is in a liquid or gel form can be enhanced with Heated Hunts!
8Are there certain game animals Heated Hunts Electronic Heated Scent Dispenser is used for?
No, the Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser can be used in any hunting or trapping scenario! Deer, elk, bear, coyote, fox, and moose – whatever you hunt, Heated Hunts will help attract!
9Are there any dangers to using Heating Hunts Scent Dispenser?
The silicone heating element heats to 105F which is the same temperature of a big game animal.  Do not purposely misuse the product, or utilize for any unintended purpose. Avoid open flame, submerging in a wet environment, and keep out of reach of children.
10Where should I store my Heated Hunts heated scent dispenser?
Treat Heated Hunts as you would any of your hunting supplies. It can be stored with your hunting gear in a dry environment avoiding extreme temperature fluctuations. Do not let the liquid freeze inside of the dispenser when not in use.
11Is there any maintenance?
No not particularly, just remember to clean the scent container prior to storage and do not store scent in the container for longer than the hunt. You also want to change wicks when you change scents.
12Are there any additional parts that can be purchased for Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser?
You can purchase additional battery holder and additional wicks for your Heated Hunts heated scent dispenser.
134 Secrets for Building A Mock Scape

The best time to start setting up your mock scrapes is late summer or early fall depending on your region. This is will aid in your scouting to see where the high traffic areas are to pattern mature bucks.


Choose a spot in high traffic areas like funnels, pitch points, natural barriers or simply off a run. If the bucks can't find your mock scrape they will not use it.


Simply clear a 3 to 4 feet location to bare dirt under a few feet from a base of a tree less than 8" in diameter as a general rule. The cleared area should be a few feet back from the base of the tree. There needs to be a hanging branch that is 4 to 5 feet of the ground. There also should be a clear walk up to this location.


Remember  to use Heated Hunts Synthetic Brute Buck as it will not break down like natural lures and will stay there until it rains or the buck digs it out. Wear rubber boots when building the scrape and try not to touch anything with your bare hands.

14Whitetail Scents Explained
Curiosity Scent 

A Curiosity Scent is typically used Post Rut but can be used Pre-Rut too with great success.  Check Out Heated Hunts Synthetic Buck-Tella! Heated Hunts unique blend has great success in from day 1 of the hunting season to the last day!

Doe Urine

Doe Urine not Doe In Estrus Urine is used typically for a cover scent or to put deer at "ease" but not generally considered an lure. This is typically used Pre-Rut or again as cover scent.

Doe In Estrus Urine

If you are only going to invest in one scent; simply ensure you hunt the rut then get clean and fresh DOE IN ESTRUS. Heat up Doe In Estrus and get ready to trigger some reactions out of bucks you never seen before. This is the gold standard in scent and make sure you time it right as if its too early you will spoke deer.

Buck Urine With Tarsal Gland

Buck Urine with Tarsal Gland works great in Pre-Rut, the Rut and Post rut. Pre-Rut is popular as Bucks are often in bachelor groups and this triggers the curiosity of a buck to investigate. During the rut a buck will aggressively investigate another bucks tarsal scent or urine to physically challenge him or simply chase him out of the territory. Post Rut the lure works well as it triggers a less aggressive curiosity to investigate.

Getting Started

  1. Unscrew lower battery cover from the Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser
  2. Install 4 premium alkaline AA batteries as indicated on the batteries holder.
  3. Install battery cover to original state.
  4. While the unit is off unscrew the cap and raise the heater and wicks.
  5. The user can pour scent directly onto the wicks or into the scent container. If pouring scent into the scent container remove the heater assembly. For instructions on removing the heater assembly, please see “Cleaning/Changing Wicks”. NOTE: It is not recommended to add more than 1 OZ of liquid into the scent container. Doing so may cause scent to overflow when heater assembly is reinstalled.
  6. Reinstall heater assembly and lower the heater assembly into the scent container. Tighten the cap.

Hunting Instructions:

  1. Turn the unit on using the push button and raise the heater and wicks assembly by unscrewing and pulling up lightly on the cap. The Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser can be place on the ground or hung from a branch by the hook on the cap. (assumed scent was added)
  2. Once the hunt is over the user should pour the remaining scent out and rinse the scent container and wicks. Scent should not be left in the scent container beyond the hunting session. See cleaning and changing wicks for more detail.


  • Product reaches 105F
  • Avoid direct contact with heating element
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Use for intended purpose only

Properly maintain your product for maximum use

Cleaning/Changing Wicks:

  • In order to add scent to the scent container, replace the wicks with new ones, or clean the wicks and scent container, the heater assembly must be removed. Note pouring scent directly into the container without removing the heater assembly may work but increases the likelihood of spills.
  • To remove the heater and wick assembly from the scent container pinch the lower section of the heater assembly in wards and tilt the entire assembly to the side. The heater assembly is held in the scent container by a snap fit. To reinstall simple tilt the assembly in the same direction so the prongs go back into the scent container.
  • WARNING: The silicone heater is apart to the device and does not completely remove. Please use caution when disassembling as to not pull hard on the silicone heater and its wires. This may damage the heater and cause the device to stop working.
    • To change the wicks, the user should free the heater from the heater and wick assembly by sliding the heater thru the small bands at its base.  Then slide the center rubber band down the assembly so it is near the bottom of the heater hold away from the cap. Once this is done, simply push the wicks out the side of the heater assembly  and pull them out. Once complete, insert new wicks into the assembly on either side of the silicone heater and sandwich the plastic pieces around it.  Reinstall the lower bands if needed and return the center band back to the center position.
  • Other options of cleaning are to simply run water over the wicks and into the scent container. Once complete remove the heater and wick assembly so the unit can dry.


  • The LED light is not turning on or the heater is not getting hot:
    • Ensure 4 fresh, premium alkaline batteries are installed in the correct direction as the indicated on the battery holder.
    • Ensure the battery snap is securely attached to the battery holder.