Why Use a Deer Scent Drag Rag for Deer Hunting ?

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Why Use a Deer Scent Drag Rag for Deer Hunting | Deer Hunting 

The question many hunters ask themselves would be “Why use a deer scent drag rag for deer hunting?” A hunting tactic used by most hunters is the use of scents during hunting season. If scents are used correctly we can see the true benefits of using scents throughout the hunting season. Drag rags are used in the woods to mimic a doe in heat walking through the woods. The benefits of using a drag rag would be helping guide that shooter buck to your tree stand. The main idea of using a drag rag is to help make your spot more enticing to a whitetail deer in rut to swing by your tree stand looking for that doe in heat. Using the drag rag correctly can make any mature buck come into shooting range throughout your hunting season.

The Benefits of Using a Scent Rag | Heated Hunts 

During hunting season majority of hunters will tell you that the best time to hunt is the rut. There are numerous ways to tackle this great part of hunting season, but one tactic is using a scent drag rag. Whitetails use their powerful nose to navigate during the rut and they are searching for that doe in heat. A simple way to gain an advantage during the rut is the use of the scent drag rag.  Simply use your doe estrous and douse the wicks in it. With your drag rag you would drag it throughout the woods on your walk to your tree stand. The drag rag will be connected to your boot. This scent set up gives the intimation that a doe in heat has walked this path and a rutting buck will follow this trail and eventually end up broad side by your tree stand.


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