Scent Control While Hunting l Deer Hunting

Why Use A Cover Scent While Hunting l Heated Hunts
Why Use A Cover Scent While Hunting l Heated Hunts
January 7, 2021
Sweet Bear Scents l Bear Hunting
Sweet Bear Scents while Bear Hunting l Bear Hunting
February 1, 2021

Scent Control While Hunting l Deer Hunting

Scent control while hunting is crucial to a successful hunt this fall. Animals in the great outdoors rely on their sense of smell to keep the protected. This especially goes for whitetail deer. Their sense of smell is much stronger than humans and this brings up the importance of using cover scents. The most common cover scent product is usually a spray like scent that you simply spray your hunting clothes before hitting the tree stand. These cover scents will usually have a moss or dirt smell to them and makes you smell like the surrounding you are in. These cover scents help mask the human smell that collects on our hunting clothes and helps bring that buck of a lifetime in range.

Scent Off X5 l Heated Hunts

Scent Off X5 by Heated Hunts is five times stronger than a standard eliminator scent that has a light cover scent blended within too. Step 1 is eliminate the odor and Step 2 is to cover up with Dirt 5x.Become part of the woods, a little goes a long way. Spray hunting clothing, boots, gear, hair, beard, hands or as necessary. The use of Scent Off X5 is an absolute game changer for your hunting experience. The simple idea of hiding your human scent in the outdoors will bring your choice of animal closer than ever. Having that closer shot while hunting establishes more successful and ethical kills. Eliminating your scent will improve your chances of bagging that buck of a lifetime. We recommend using both our Scent Off X5 and Dirt X5 together. The blend of both cover scents truly sets a new standard in scent elimination and are proudly made in the United States of America.

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