Who Makes The Best Doe Estrus? | Who Makes The Best Doe Estrus Scent?

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what's the best doe estrus scent? when's the best time to use doe estrus?Heated Hunts High Octane is the best doe estrus scent period.

what's the best doe estrus scent? when's the best time to use doe estrus?

Who Makes The Best Doe Estrus? | Who Makes The Best Doe Estrus Scent?

The Best Doe Estrus Scent seems to always be that unicorn every hunter is after. Previous to 2017 a hunter was purely relying on advertising of a doe estrus bottle or prior experiences. The problem was knowledge of knowing what the hunter was truly buying and the consistency between bottles. Heated Hunts saw this problem and knew the answer.  In fact the standing estrus phase, which is roughly a  24 hour period, of the estrous cycle contains the highest estrogen levels. The Standing Estrus phase is the secret to the Best Doe Estrus Scent. Heated Hunts, High Octane, is the best doe estrus as the collection occurs in the Standing Estrus Phase. This is not just hearsay or a sworn commitment to deliver. In fact Heated Hunts Doe Estrus, High Octane, is sent to a lab to verify estrogen levels.

High Octane The Best Doe Estrus | Lab Verified Estrogen Levels

The Best Doe Estrus,High Octane, by Heated Hunts can be related to purchasing gasoline.  A gas station typically offers three versions of gas; 87, 89 and 91 octane. Heated Hunts High Octane, the best doe estrus,  is batched in small quantities then sent to a lab to verify the estrogen levels. A hunter is now able to only buy the best doe estrus scent with confidence and consistently. Now you can see when Heated Hunts figured out how to offer the best doe estrus scent the obvious name was High Octane! In brief it is like going to the gas station and the hunter is now purchasing the highest strength doe estrus available.

Surprisingly nearly all the estrus on the market today does not contain estrogen from the estrus cycle but from the estrous cycle.  The estrous cycle is typically 17 – 21 days. The estrous cycle is a general mating time frame but the peak of mating is 24 hours. The recipe for the best doe estrus scent is to collect from the peak of estrus phase and verify the estrogen levels align with that phase. Heated Hunts strives to deliver more for less, work harder and offer solutions. Lab Verified Estrogen Levels creates the Best Doe Estrous Scent because numbers do not lie. If doe urine contains estrogen from the Standing Estrus Phase it is the strongest scent available because its from the peak of the mating phase.

High Octane | Lab Verified Estrus

Estrus & The Estrous Cycle

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