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Use the best Hog Attractants by Heated Hunts to increase your success while hog hunting.

Hog Hunting | Hog Attractants

Hog Attractants are one of the best methods other than attractants mixed with bait to bring hogs into range when hog hunting. Heated Hunts will discuss a few tips that will really increase your success rate while hunting hogs. Let’s get them Omnivores!

Hogs Are Omnivores | What are Omnivores?

Omnivores simply mean they eat both animals and plants which mean a variety of attractants and baits will work for hogs. How do you choose the best one hog attractant? The best attractant is the simply the attractant you tested with that you had the best results with! Think about it this way say you love steak, your buddy loves chicken and your neighbor love ribs. You need to dial in the attractant for hogs you are hunting.

What are the best hog attractants?

Smoke 5x Hog Attractant by Heated Hunts is a master crafted blend that resembles the aroma of the drippings of a barbecue grill to peak Hog’s curiosity and lure them in. Xtreme Berry 5x Hog Attractant is an extreme aroma of a synthetic grape and raspberry that is basically that sugary blend of aromas that peaks Hog’s curiosity from a sweetness view. Sweet Corn 5x Hog Attractant is an intense aroma of sweet corn that a hog cannot resist!

 Hog Attractant Hunting Application:

The hunter can simply fill 1 fluid ounce Heated Hunts Smoke Scent into their Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser.  The hunter can also spray the Smoke Attractant downwind while walking into their stand or directly on the ground or surrounding area. Another option for hunting success is to use the attractant on feed or food plots so the game associates the great aroma with food then when the hunter heats it up in the field it is like ringing the dinner bell.


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