Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser: How It Works

Heated Hunting Scents is the game changer the hunting industry has been waiting for. Heated Hunts heated hunting scent dispenser can be utilized in nearly any hunting environment for any type of game animal. The heated hunting scent dispenser drastically increases the odds of your success by heating and diffusing the hunting scents.

  • The scent will appear to be more “fresh” and bring in the most stubborn mature trophies in close
  • The energized scent molecules will travel farther and faster making the scent more effective
  • The heated scent dispenser will stop the scent from freezing
  • More likely to get a reaction from game by heating the scent

How Does Heated Hunts Work?

Proudly Made in the USA

There is a silicone encapsulated heater inserted between the two wicks. The heater travels with the wicks down into the hunting scent and up so it can be exposed to the wind. The idea is to expose the wicks and to heat up the hunting scent. The heated hunting scent dispenser is powered by 4 AA batteries that last up to 14 hours which is controlled by a push button led switch.

Heated Hunts has built a product that simply heats scents in a simple way to fit in a hunting environment while making it easy for the hunter to use. Are you ready to get that trophy in close? Did you order the #BuckDown Kitl?

The Technology – Diffusion!


The technology is simple, so simple, it’s all about Diffusion!! Diffusion is gradual heat to promote the scent to travel, not instant vaporization into steam which isn’t sending the scent anywhere. You are already familiar with diffusion, think about it… when you’re cooking, barbecuing, or making coffee; when a liquid is heated the scent the aroma will travel faster and farther through your house or throughout your backyard into the woods. The same applies when you are hunting and using the Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser.

Imagine sitting in your tree stand and you see a buck or bear 250 yards away in archery season whose not coming into range. Now imagine bringing that trophy into range with diffusion because of Heated Hunts and our unique patented Heated Scent Dispenser. Heated Hunts accomplished what many have failed at; create diffusion without instant vaporization or steam in a compact product that uses light weight and few batteries. This is the only product that exposes heated wicks when in use and stores them within the product when not needed. You can do this while keeping your hands clean!! The dispenser can be hung from a tree or placed on the ground. You need to get the wicks in the wind; you need to get those wicks hot to get that scent down range!!!

The Simple Science of Temperature and Scents

Smell is the ability of an organism to perceive scents or odors in an environment. Scents are made up of aromatic molecules and the level of kinetic energy within the scent molecule determines how far and fast they will travel. When a scent is heated, the aromatic molecules obtain more kinetic energy allowing them to travel faster and farther.

When a scent is cooled, it will travel less and when the temperature of the scent reaches 32° Fahrenheit (0° Celsius) or less, the scent freezes and becomes useless.The magic temperature is 105F. Get your Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser today!