Mock Scrapes | Why and How to Make Mock Scrapes

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July 8, 2020
Why and How to Make Mock Scrapes

Mock scrapes are a useful way to harvest a mature buck throughout your hunting season. Hunters that use mock scrapes correctly gain the advantage in the woods of bagging that buck off a lifetime. Mock scrapes are useful to create and maintain throughout the hunting season.

Mock Scrapes | Why and How to Make Mock Scrapes

With hunting season fast approaching many hunters are making mock scrapes throughout their hunting properties. A scrape is a patch of ground that is tore up by a male whitetail deer under a overhanging branch. In these scrapes the bucks will urinate on the ground and rub their antlers and forehead on the overhanging branch leaving their scent. Two reasons why to make a scrape is to send a challenge scent and pattern a mature buck in your area. Scrapes will give you a better opportunity of finding that ultimate hunting spot you have been searching for. Mock scrapes will also give you a chance to get some great trail cam pictures of deer in your area. Mock scrapes are an easy way to pattern and give you a chance of seeing that buck of a lifetime.

How to Make Mock Scrapes | Mock Scrapes & Heated Hunts 

In order to make a mock scrape you must first pick a location on your hunting property. When choosing an area you would look for spots with preexisting scrapes. A scrape can be identified by low hanging branches with a circular area tore up below the branch. When choosing your scrape spot you should also consider where you will be hunting. Give yourself the opportunity to get a shot at this mature buck you’ve been scouting. Now comes the actual making of the scrape prior to hunting season. Establishing a licking branch is simple and affordable for the everyday hunter. Breaking a small branch off of your chosen tree is a great first step and should be completed around September. I like to tear the ground up and use a scrape scent to challenge other bucks during the pre rut and during the rut. 

Mock Scrape Scents


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