How to Use Deer Scents Effectively

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June 26, 2020
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Effectively Using Deer Scents While Hunting

How to Use Deer Scent for Deer Hunting | Deer Hunting 

The question many hunters ask themselves would be “How do I effectively use deer scents for deer hunting?” Most hunters use deer scents during hunting season. Scents used correctly can show benefits throughout the hunting season. Scents are used for particular times of the season. These seasons include early season, pre rut, rut, and late season. Each scent has a specific effect on the deer in your area. Early season  you will commonly use curiosity scents that give the impression that it is okay to come in closer because deer have been here. Pre rut you will use challenge scents for scrapes which include secretions from male deer orbital and tarsal glands. During the rut is where you will use an estrous scent. This gives the idea that a doe is in heat and is ready to mate. Late season you will transition back into curiosity scents similar to early season tactics. Using scents correctly will benefit your hunting spot this fall.

The Benefits of Using a Deer Scent | Heated Hunts 

During hunting season some hunters will tell you that scent free is always a great tactic. We are here to tell you that using deer scent is crucial to have a successful season. A simple way to gain an advantage during the rut is the use of deer scents.  Deer use their powerful noses to guide them throughout the woods and having the scent of deer in the area you are hunting can only benefit you situation. Always make sure to use the right scents for the right time of year.  Using the wrong scent could ruin a hunt quickly. Make sure to check what is going on in the woods around you to help you choose the correct scent for that time of year.


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