American Made Deer Scents l Deer Hunting

Deer Scents Made in Pennsylvania l Deer Hunting
Pennsylvania: Scents Made in PA l Deer Hunting
September 23, 2021

How to Use Scents l Deer Hunting

American made products are hard to find in today’s world. Deer hunting is a passion by many in Americans. Many hunters in the United States use scents while hunting and with the changing seasons it is tough to understand what to use and when. The main forms of deer scents include early/late season, pre-rut, and rut. During early and late season you need a curiosity scent. This gives the deer the idea that there are other deer around. Pre rut you will use a challenge scent or a scrape scent. The scrape scent will include orbital and tarsal glands. Lastly, your rut scent will have a level of estrus. Estrus is a mating scent letting male deer know that female are ready to mate. The wide range of deer scents can be confusing, but following these scents throughout the season will make for a successful hunt.

American Made Scents l Heated Hunts

American made hunting products is are very important to the deer hunter. This goes along with the founding of Heated Hunts in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Heated Hunts is your one stop shop for everything deer scents. With their wide range of both synthetic and natural scents, you are bound to find something that you will like. The natural scents include Buck Musk, Brute Buck, High Octane, and Seductive Doe. All three scents are made for pre-rut/rut action. When it comes to synthetic Heated Hunts has it all! Their synthetic line includes eight different kinds of scents! With all of these scents Heated Hunts even created a Heated Scent Dispenser. This Heated Scent Dispenser not only heats up your scent to the natural temperature of a whitetail deer but it goes further as well! Check out Heated Hunts today!

Heated Hunts: Our Scent Dispenser

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