Sweet Bear Scents while Bear Hunting l Bear Hunting

Scent Control While Hunting l Deer Hunting
Scent Control While Hunting l Deer Hunting
January 11, 2021
Chocolate while Bear Hunting l Using Scents While Bear Hunting
Chocolate while Bear Hunting l Using Scents While Bear Hunting
February 1, 2021

Bear Scents While Hunting l Bear Hunting

Using sweet bear scents can benefit your bear hunt tremendously! Bears are known for their best sense of smell throughout the entire animal kingdom. The fact that a bear’s sense of smell is 2,100 times better than a human nose truly shows how much a bear uses it sense of smell to survive. With spring bear season coming up throughout North America, bears will be emerging from the winter sleep and seeking food as soon as possible. Using bear scents while hunting will improve your chances of getting that bear into shooting range. With that bear searching for their spring meals you must use food attractants while bear hunting. If your state allows the use of scents while bear hunting it is a must do! The sense of smelling being so important to their survival they will surely be looking for something sweet to eat.

Sweet Bear Scents l Heated Hunts

Heated Hunts has a wide range of scents for your bear season. The sweet aroma of both Irresistible X5 and Xtreme Berry X5 will bring that bear into range a perfectly mimicking something good to eat. Irresistible X5 is master crafted blend of top attractants that piques the bears’ curiosity and lures them in. Our Irresistible Bear Attractant is a throwback recipe based on generations of hunters that uses tree resins and extracts like vanilla and more. The blend smells similar to anise oil but does not gel at 56F and is a stronger concentrate. Also, our Xtreme Berry X5 master crafted blend is an extreme aroma of a synthetic grape and raspberry that is basically that sugary blend of aromas that peaks Bear’s curiosity and lures them in. Use both scents to improve your bear hunt!


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