Chocolate while Bear Hunting l Using Scents While Bear Hunting

Sweet Bear Scents l Bear Hunting
Sweet Bear Scents while Bear Hunting l Bear Hunting
February 1, 2021
Best Scents for Spring Bear Hunting l Bear Hunting
Spring Bear Hunting and Bear Hunting Scents l Bear Hunting
February 9, 2021

Chocolate while Bear Hunting l Using Scents While Bear Hunting

Why Bears Like Chocolate l Bear Hunting

Bears in North America are known for their love of chocolate. With this being said we also know that bears are known for their sweet tooth. The use of chocolate in bait barrels while hunting for bears has been in question due to if a bear eats too much chocolate it could be considered poisonous. But, the sweet aroma of chocolate can be tempting to any bear looking for something different to eat. A bears relies on its sense of smell to survive and while looking for food to eat. Bears find themselves eating and smelling that same scents over and over again throughout the year. With the change of smell it can pique the interest of any curious bear searching for food. That change of scent can convince bears to come in that have been spooked over different forms of bait throughout the bear season.

Heated Scents While Bear Hunting l Heated Hunts

While bear hunting we can see the need to use different scents to help improve your hunt. But, what if we could make the scent go further? The use of the Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser can be the game changer you have been looking. The Heated Scent Dispenser is not only making your scent more realistic, but it’s also making your scent go twice as far. The scent dispenser runs on four AA batteries and uses a silicone heater between two wicks and heats your choice of scent up to 105 degrees. The importance of scent being 105 degrees is the basic idea of internal temperature of a wild game animal and it prevents your scent from freezing while hunting in cold conditions. Change up your hunting gear and heat up your hunt today!

Heated Hunts: Our Wide Range of Scents

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